Mirror Link Factory Radio





WiFi A/V input for Android devices and Apple devices


WiFi A/V Input/Override for Android & Apple devices for GM Navi

Imagine being able to get LIVE traffic data with Google or Apple maps (or any other traffic app), watch any video (like Netflix or YouTube), or display any apps that are accessible on your phone or tablet on your FACTORY  navigation radio! You can now give your factory GM navigation system a HUGE technology upgrade for only slightly more than the cost of a map upgrade!

The CRUX WVIGM-04 is a Wi-Fi Connectivity & OEM Integration kit for FACTORY navigation radios on select 2007-13 General Motors LAN 29-Bit vehicles. It enables wireless Audio / Video mirroring from mobile devices to the OEM display screen for shared linking of functions from most Smartphones (see compatibility list below) to the OEM Screen. It also includes VIM (Video in Motion) override capability, allowing address entry and other restricted functions while vehicle is in motion, for off-road use only



  • Enables Navigation Option via Smartphone Mirroring

  • Music Playback and Video Watching

  • Internet Surfing via Smartphone Mirroring

  • Smartphone Charging via USB Port

  •  Includes WiFi receiver that allows wireless connection to Android devices – NO WIRES REQUIRED!

  •  Most cost-effective way of adding another source to almost any rear entertainment system

  •  Stream movies and music

  •  Play games or use any app that displays on your device


         WVICH-03       Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select Dodge, Jeep & Ram Vehicles 2013-Up

         WVICH-03M   Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep Vehicles 2007-2014 w/ MYGIG Systems


         WVIFD-02       Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select Ford & Lincoln Vehicles 2011-Up Subcategory: WVIFD-02F


         WVIGM-04      Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select GM LAN 29-Bit Vehicles 2007-2013

         WVIGM-04M   Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select Cadillac, Chevrolet & GM Vehicles 2013-Up

         WVIGM-04S    Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select GM / Chevrolet Vehicles 2012-Up


         WVIMB-06       Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select Mercedes-Benz Vehicles w/ APS NTG4.5 Nav. Systems 2011-Up


         WVITY-01        Wi-Fi Connectivity for Select Toyota & Scion Vehicles 2012-Up


         WVI Wi-Fi        Connectivity / Smartphone A/V Integration for Aftermarket Radio Systems











Product Liability Disclaimer: This unit must not be used by the driver for watching moving pictures while driving/operating the vehicle, which is also prohibited by law in many States and localities. CRUX Interfacing Solutions and its distributors/dealers shall not be held liable for any consequential, incidental and contingent damages arising from misuse, but not limited to material damage or personal injury resulting, directly or indirectly due to any unauthorized usage of this product.

End User Agreement : End user agrees to utilize this product in accordance with the above mentioned stipulations and in compliance with all Local, State and Federal laws. End user also agrees and understands that this product is intended for off-road use and passenger use only. If user does not agree with any of  the above safety warnings, end-user shall be legally bound to immediately discontinue use and return this product to place of purchase.