Setting a New Course: The Only 10-Inch Radio Upgrade for the Chevrolet Silverado

Just when you thought your dash had it all, the X110-SLV raises the bar. With its groundbreaking 10-inch touchscreen, the X110-SLV is truly the largest factory radio replacement for the 2014-up Chevrolet Silverado available, period. Don’t judge the X110-SLV just by its screen, though. The X110-SLV is packed with new features  and controls befitting of its revolutionary size. There’s no doubt the X110-SLV will make a statement in your Chevrolet Silverado and upgrade your driving experience.


Before Installation

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First Class Alpine Engineering for the Chevrolet Silverado

The 10-inch X110-SLV is Alpine engineered specially for the Chevrolet Silverado. The X110-SLV comes with a stunning dash bezel that houses the 10-inch screen and provides a matching fit and finish, as if it came that way from the factory. The rotary volume knob and big crystal buttons for music and navigation sources are backlit to match the Silverado’s factory gauges. Other hard keys provide direct access to the main menu and My Favorites feature.


After Installation


2014 - UP

10-Inch In-Dash Restyle System for Chevrolet Silverado

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The X110-SLV offers the largest and only 10-inch touchscreen radio replacement for the 2014-up Chevrolet Silverado. The massive WXGA anti-glare screen is the best in-class for a truck environment.

A brand new user interface allows for 4-way swipe action control: Left, Right, Down, Up. You are just one swipe away from the most commonly accessed features:

  • Swipe to the Left to access the Navigation commands
  • Swipe to the Right to access the Audio and Video commands. Within the Audio and Video screen, you can swipe across to access all your entertainment sources (such as HD Radio, Pandora, SiriusXM, Bluetooth audio streaming, etc.)
  • Swipe Down to access the adjustment settings to the Audio system or Rear Seat Entertainment system (sold separately)
  • Swipe Up to access Bluetooth and Source Selection

 Captivating 10-Inch Touchscreen and New, Innovative User Interface

Take the Command Center Beyond the Dash

Have you upgraded your Chevrolet Silverado with accessories like a winch, lights, air suspension and a motorized tonneau cover? No need to add switches that clutter your dash. Now you can conveniently control these accessories directly from the X110-SLV’s touchscreen! The KAC-001 Truck Accessory Controller (sold separately) turns the X110-SLV into a hub to connect and control these accessories. Eight individual outputs are available to control eight relay-connected accessories, and the accessories can be configured as Pulsed, Latched or Momentary Outputs. Graphical icons can be assigned to each accessory for quick identification on the screen.

Controlling Multiple Camera Systems Has Never Been Easier

It’s easy to add Drive Assist front or rear camera systems to the X110-SLV. Choose from a variety of Alpine camera systems that offer various views like ground view for connecting a tow hitch, wide-angle views to see past your truck and multi-angle views to see two images on the screen.

If your truck has multiple camera systems, the KCX-C250MC Multi-Camera Selector (sold separately) allows them to be easily controlled right from the X110-SLV’s 10-inch touchscreen. The names of the connected camera systems appear on the main screen, so simply select the camera system you want to use. You can then choose the viewing option from that camera to be displayed on the screen.

Customizable Shortcuts at Your Fingertips

The My Favorites feature offers convenient shortcuts for the functions that you use the most, such as:

  • Audio Sources (HD Radio™, Pandora®, iPod®, SiriusXM, HDMI/DVD, AUX)

  • Navigation Commands (Favorite Destinations, Quick Place Search, Categories)

  • Phone Settings (Most-dialed Contacts)

A shortcut soft key on the touch screen within all audio and phone sources makes it even easier to add sources than before. Easily add, delete, and re-arrange your shortcut icons by dragging the icon(s) to a new location on the screen. Your settings are kept as a personal profile linked to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Keep Select Factory Controls with the iDataLink Maestro® Module (Included)

The X110-SLV retains Chevrolet Silverado feature variations* and also displays vehicle information on the 10-inch screen:

  • OnStar®

  • Voice Activation

  • Bluetooth® wireless technology

  • Rear View Camera

  • Steering Wheel Controls

  • Parking Sensor Integration

  • Customizable On-screen Vehicle Information (such as Tire Pressure Alerts and Check Engine Codes)

*For 2014-Up Chevrolet Silverado.

Wherever Life Takes You, You’re Covered

The X110-SLV offers reliable navigation to wherever work or play takes you with preloaded HERE® map data of the United States and Canada, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, which translates to maps galore. With turn-by-turn instructions delivered by Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology, street names, freeway numbers and freeway exit names are announced clearly through your vehicle’s audio system. Choose from different intuitive map view options, such as 3D mapping, split map, and turn-by-turn arrow view. This unit also features Alpine's exclusive Graphical User Interface with intuitive screen graphics, so it's easy for you to find your way. Thanks to the included free lifetime traffic service, see the congestion ahead of time so you can choose an alternate route. Get quick and easy directions from start to finish.