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The Best Autosound & Security!
Your vehicle is a big investment. You not only want someone who can take it apart, enhance it, and put it back together without incident, but you also want the best equipment. Our products are well known for attention to detail and have made us the first choice for Santa Maria's  finest car dealers and educated consumers.

Speaker Upgrades





When it comes to car audio, there’s a world of unlimited possibilities at Mobileworks. Upgrading factory speakers is a good start. For super crisp, high quality sound, an amplifier is a necessity. Our professional installation will explode your speakers with cleaner and more defined sound, and you’ll enjoy never ending excitement at all volume levels. Take it even further at Mobileworks with a custom built subwoofer! And no need to stop there…imagine the upgrades! Top of the line products, professional installation, and custom created car audio systems for every budget can give your car the sound it’s craving, and give other cars on the road something to dream about!

Security Systems

At Mobileworks we know a good security system doesn’t just protect your car from theft, it can provide convenience too. A keyless entry system can allow you to arm and disarm the alarm, lock and unlock doors and pop your trunk. With our professional installation you can up the protection factor even more with additional sensors and relays. Depending on your alarm you can add a starter disable relay, glass tampering sensor, tilt sensor and shock sensor. A remote starter means you can get the heat or a/c cranking in advance!

A GPS system installed by Mobileworks will keep track of your car, motorcycle, boat and even your kids and pets! GPS systems can be hidden and will relay data through your computer, phone or PDA. Your vehicle, valuables and even those you care most about can be under your watchful eye at all times.

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