Mobileworks/Tintworks Preventive Paint Protection                 BEFORE IT COST YOU A FORTUNE!

   Have you ever been driving down the 101 freeway with a truck in front of you and out of know where a tiny rock comes flying back to bounce off your hood and then ricochet to your windshield?     Did you take a deep breathe in relief because your windshield wasn't cracked?     Only later to get to your destination and do that walk around inspection' only to see that your beautiful paint job  on your hood got dinged!      Wouldn't you see it every time you go out to your vehicle?

    Now if you have a low insurance deductible you could get it painted, couldn't you?  Of course, the paint shop would never match the paint perfectly could they?    Whether you trade in your vehicle or resale it yourself, aren't you going to take a depreciation hit because your paint didn't match and couldn't that cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars?

      These reasons plus a lot more reasons are why we at Mobileworks / Tintworks offer the perfect solution or as we call it      "Mobileworks / Tintworks Preventive Paint Protection"! So that you don't have to live through this type of annoyance.  Why not give us a ring at 805-928-7400 before your beautiful paint job gets annoying dinged!

Be Smart – Invest In Paint Protection.

If you drive and enjoy your vehicle, it’s bound to have exposure to the occasional rock chip or road debris on the front bumper and body panels. It doesn’t have to ruin your paint, though. Mobileworks/Tintworks offer a comprehensive paint protection solution with their clear bra products. The clear film is custom fitted to your vehicle’s specific curves and surfaces so that it virtually disappears, yet provides robust protection for the underlying painted surface. It’s the protection you desire without affecting the vehicle’s exterior appearance.

Trained Technicians

Mobileworks/Tintworks highly experienced and trained technicians expertly install all the clear bra paint protection solutions. They take extreme care of the vehicle’s painted surfaces by cleaning each area thoroughly before the installation of the clear bra. After applying they bond the clear film to the vehicle so that it’s optically transparent and virtually invisible once the installation is completed.

Costly to Repaint

If left to the normal road grime and debris exposure, eventually the front end of a vehicle will require repair that involves repainting the affected areas. Today’s vehicles cost $2400 or more to repaint those sections and a clear bra installation is easily recognized as somewhat of an insurance policy against having to do that. Many high end and exotic vehicles that clients love to enjoy lose value when they require repaint or significant paint repair, so the clear bra paint protection solutions make complete sense.

Excellent Warranty

All of Mobileworks/Tintworks paint protection installations carry a no-nonsense five-year warranty on the product and installation. This covers any fading, cracking, bubbles in the adhesion or de-lamination from the paint surfaces. You’ll have the peace of mind that driving your vehicle to enjoy the road does not have to mean stressing out with the inevitable road grime or stray pebble.

Visit Mobileworks/Tintworks for an In-Person Demonstration

Call Mobileworks/Tintworks today and schedule a no-cost consultation that includes a complete demonstration of the clear bra paint protection approach. You’ll be able to touch and feel how the finished product is installed as well as discuss the specific areas of your vehicle that are recommended for coverage to achieve maximum protection.