Lane Departure Warning System with Forward Collision Warning & DVR



The LDWS100 is the latest technology utilizing Optical Recognition of the road ahead of you offering another level of safety when driving. The LDWS100 recognizes traffic lane markings as well as vehicles in front of you and warns a driver with an audible tone when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane (unless a turn signal is on in that direction) on freeways and arterial roads when traveling at or above 35mph or vehicles that suddenly are too close for safety in front of you when driving at or above 15mph. These systems are designed to minimize accidents by addressing the main causes of collisions: driver error, distractions and drowsiness.

LDWS100 is designed for fast easy installation in almost any vehicle with minimal integration. Optical recognition makes calibration of the system as easy as a 10 minute drive. No special training, certification, or equipment is required. By utilizing data from a built in GPS receiver the unit can easily determine speed and activate the warning system as needed. The system allows the driver to set the level of warning, frequency, and even volume of the alert tones to personalize the system in a way that works for them.

The built in DVR also gives you records of your driving, your route, and any event you may have witnessed or been involved in. The system also comes with a free playback program for Windows compatible computers that integrates the GPS data, your recording, and mapping to give you a full record to review.

  • Includes 8Gb Micro SD card for 4 hours of recording. (can support up to 32Gb)

  • Included wireless remote control allows settings of all systems with a voice guide prompt system eliminating the need for any additional equipment

  • Video output for initial setup (monitor required - Not included) and connection to external monitor if required

  • Independent warning tones for LDWS and FCWS

  • Removable from windshield for maintenance / cleaning of lens as needed

  • Compact device size for concealed installation behind the rearview mirror. 2.5 (W) x 3.5 (L)

  • 3 Year Warranty Standard

Forward Collision Warning System. (FCWS)

  • Lane Departure Warning System. (LDWS)
  • HD Driving Video Recorder with Normal, Event, and Manual (forced) recording at 30FPS, in 1280 x 720 HD Quality
  • GPS receiver for direction, speed, and date and time recording automatically
  • Included DVR playback program that includes Mapping of your route. (for Windows compatible computers)
  • Records in AVI format and can be played back in any computer or tablet with a supporting player. (Mapping program will not be utilized)
  • System continuously records Audio and Video and incorporates loop recording insuring your card is never fu