What is DroneMobile GPS Tracking?

DroneMobile GPS vehicle tracking was created to enhance your peace of mind. Drone Mobile is a Module that is discreet, installed stand alone or with a security system, and can grant you access to powerful car security features. Our mission is to give you control over your vehicle and family security. Locate and track loved ones or your vehicle if stolen. Alert you of speeding and inform you of unsafe driving. Check out the video and see the Top 3 Features that make this great on family cars and company vehicles.  Then lets get you protected at Mobileworks!

How  it  Works

    DroneMobile is built to make your car more comfortable, convenient, and secure. All you need is our hardware, an LTE connection, and your smartphone.


Comfort & Convenience

DroneMobile places full vehicle control into the palm of your hand and eliminates hassle from your morning routine. Start every day off right with a comfortable car that’s ready to drive when you are.

Smart Vehicle Control

Smartphone Remote Start
Use your smartphone to control your remote starter and car alarm from an unlimited range.

Multiple Device Compatibility
Use DroneMobile from all your favorite devices including your smart watch, tablet, desktop, and more!


Advanced Car Security

Custom Car Alarm Alerts 
Your Drone hardware detects practical vehicle security concerns and notifies you instantly.

Find My Car 
Many users purchase a DroneMobile system as a GPS car tracker. DroneMobile vehicle recovery gives you instant access to your vehicle’s location.

DroneMobile’s GPS Tracking Features*

Our hardware is built to enhance security and comfort, and GPS tracking is the foundation of DroneMobile car security. Your family deserves the best car security system, so we made a versatile set of GPS tracking features and subscription types.

Premium GPS tracking features fall into three categories: anti-theft, location notifications, and driver monitoring. Check them out below!

* Premium Plus and Ultimate subscriptions include additional GPS tracking features. Check these out on the DroneMobile Subscriptions page.


GPS Tracking

Set up Geofences and POIs, to receive alerts each time your vehicle enters or exits an area. DroneMobile’s GPS tracker for your car is built to improve your family security

Who Needs GPS Tracking?


Vehicle theft is a concern for anyone relying solely on their cars for transportation. DroneMobile’s anti-theft and GPS tracking features grant you peace of mind.


DroneMobile makes training young drivers easy. Speeding, curfew, and location alerts help you keep track of your teenager’s driving habits without any added stress.


DroneMobile’s fleet monitoring features hold employees to company driving standards. Call us today for more info about our fleet solutions!

What is Family Sharing?

Your Drone Module is more than the average car security system and GPS tracking device; it’s family security in your pocket. DroneMobile Family Sharing keeps your loved ones and vehicles connected 24/7, all through one user-friendly app.


How it Works

With Family Sharing, you can add unlimited vehicles and drivers to your account, track all your vehicle data in one place, and give your family access to controls like remote start.


Send Family Sharing invites to include more people in your account. Your drivers can download the app and customize their alerts according to their preferences.

Adding Drivers


Adding Vehicles

Once all of your vehicles have a registered Drone device installed, you can add them all to one account. Freely share access to these vehicles with others and assign drivers to specific cars.

Teen Driver Monitor


Driver Monitoring is fleet tracking for family security. Make teen driver safety a priority with these features: 

GPS Tracking – Track all of your vehicles at once through the app for peace of mind.

Curfew Alerts – Let DroneMobile enforce the curfew and set a timeframe in which your vehicle should stay put.

Geofences – Set boundaries around key locations for alerts when your vehicle enters/exits an area.

Speeding Alerts – Set a speed limit for your vehicle to receive notifications when your drivers exceed that limit.

Points of Interest – Create POIs for alerts when your driver turns their ignition on/off at a specific address.

Family Sharing in Real Life 


Sleep soundly when you set up curfew alerts and GPS tracking for your young driver’s vehicles.

Set up Points of Interest to see when your teen drivers arrive at school.

Create speeding alerts to break your teenager’s bad driving habits.