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Bluetooth Factory Radio and Controls



















BEECR-35 Bluetooth®     for Chrysler, Dodge & Jeep Vehicles  Subcategories: BEECR-35P & BEECR-35D

BEECR-35C Bluetooth®    for Select Chrysler & Dodge Vehicles 2011-Up


BEEBF-24 Bluetooth®       for Ford, Lincoln & Mercury Vehicles

BEEBF-32 Bluetooth®       for Ford CAN Bus II Vehicles Subcategory: BEEBF-32F


BEEBG-33 Bluetooth®      for General Motors LAN 29-Bit Vehicles

BEEBG-34 Bluetooth®      for General Motors Class II Vehicles


BEEBH-28 Bluetooth®      for Honda Vehicles Subcategories: BEEBH-02, BEEBH-03, BEEBH-04, BEEBH-05


BEEHK-29 Bluetooth®      for Hyundai and Kia Vehicles


BEEMZ-30 Bluetooth®      for Mazda Vehicles


BEEBT-22 Bluetooth®        for Toyota & Scion Vehicles


BEEBL-23 Bluetooth®          for Lexus Vehicles


BEEFT-38 Bluetooth®          for Fiat Vehicles


BEEVW-36 Bluetooth®        for Volkswagen Vehicles


BEEMB-44 Bluetooth®        for Mercedes-Benz Vehicles (CAN version)

 BEEMB-44B Bluetooth®    for Mercedes-Benz Vehicles (CAN version II)


BEEBM-45 Bluetooth®      for BMW Vehicles (CAN version)

BEEBM-45Q Bluetooth®   for BMW Vehicles (iBus version)

BEEBM-45R Bluetooth®    for BMW Vehicles (iBus version II)

BEBMW-42 Bluetooth®     for BMW Vehicles w/ Fiber-optic based Systems


BEPRS-43 Bluetooth®       for Porsche Vehicles w/ PCM 2.1 Navigation Systems