Advent Single DVD/Dual 7″ Monitor Headrest System

Advent’s new HR7012 Series Single DVD/Monitor Headrests represent a huge leap forward in rear seat entertainment, including a single DVD player with two monitors with much higher resolution (800×480) than has been available in the past, and they include exact factory-match vinyl or leather in the correct color, pattern and stitching to allow a seamless installation in every application.

Advent headrests are built to extremely stringent FMVSS standards, insuring passenger safety and security, while allowing rear seat passengers to be entertained in a multitude of ways: each headrest contains a DVD player, RCA audio/video inputs, USB input for music/photo and video playback (.mpg &.avi only) and a wired headphone output that allows the use of inexpensive earbuds should additional passengers want to listen in. An optional game controller adds 54  32-bit games, adding another entertainment option for those long road trips!

Advent 7″ Hi-Resolution Single DVD/Single Monitor Headrest System

  • Dual replacement custom headrests (material, color, grain, stitch, piping matches factory headrests)

  • Single DVD player

  • Dual 7″ digital monitors w/LED backlighting

  • High definition WVGA resolution (800 RGB x 480)

  • Adjustable viewing angles

  • Both monitors include user accessible A/V input jacks

  • Both monitors include dual channel wireless headphone transmitters

  • Both monitors include a wired headphone output

  • Two wireless remote controls

  • Hidden away junction box includes:

    • RCA A/V input

    • RCA A/V output

    • Full band wireless FM modulator

    • RF output for hardwired FM modulation connection

    • Game port (optional game pack with 2 controllers sold separately)