Everyone Wins When Good Technology Gets Better





The GOSHERS BSDS-003016P blind spot detection system is an improved version of the previous model which was already an awesome unit. This improved version uses a brand new, complex algorithm based detection system to help better determine if a vehicle is actually in your blind spot, or just to the side of your vehicle. The previous BSDS-003016 simply notifies you when a vehicle is on the side your vehicle so the new algorithm will greatly reduce false readings, allowing you to drive in confidence. To even reduce false readings you get two additional sensors over the previous model to use on the front of your vehicle AND the BSDS-003016P can detect stationary objects like those poles at the gas station or parked vehicles. How's that for awesomeness? The folks over at GOSHERS took an already great idea and made it even better which means that YOU get to reap all the benefits. Drive with confidence with the new and improved BSDS-03016P.











Why You Need This

  • Keep your vehicle and your passengers safe on the road

  • According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) there are approximately 840,000 side-to-side blind spot collisions in the United States annually

    • Out of these 840,000 collisions there are 300 fatalities

  • Why risk messing up the paint job on your shiny sports car?

  • Why risk messing up ANY kind of vehicle you drive?

  • Premium Upgraded Aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System

  • Uses new algorithm for increased performance and fewer false alerts

  • Unlike the previous model, the new algorithm determines whether a vehicle is in an actual blind spot rather than alerting you when a vehicle is to the side of you

  • Can now identify non moving objects like stationary vehicles, curbs or poles

  • Uses Sonar technology to detect threats in less than 120 ms

  • Installs in virtually any modern vehicle using a 12V electrical system

  • Four wire system hookup for easy installation

  • Two rear bumper sensors (paintable)

  • Two front sensors for fewer false alarms (paintable)

  • Two in-car LED indicators for visual alerts

  • Alarm unit for audible warnings when turn signal is activated

  • 10' alert range covers most blind spots

  • Adjustable to a lower sensitivity

  • Custom Hole-saw for sensor installation

  • Includes 3M industrial strength double-sided tape

  • Wire harness included for a quick plug and play install

  • Authorized Internet Dealer

  • 1-year Manufacturer's Warranty