Radar Detectors And Laser Shifters

Radar Detectors


Its not about getting away with speeding…really!

Let’s just face it, there are several times when the “suggested speed”  is just not necessary.  For example, a responsible driver should be able to increase their speed on the freeway between here and Vegas where it is a straight shot for hundreds of miles and there are very few cars on the road, right?  You are not endangering anybody, you’re just trying to get through a boring drive a little quicker!  Generally speaking, if an officer is targeting a certain part of the freeway, it is because there have been some accidents or, for some other reason it is more unsafe to speed in that area than others.  So, when a radar detector alerts you the presence of the officer, it is actually alerting you to an area that requires your immediate attention, from miles away!  This way, you can adjust your speed to suit the situation before you encounter it.


               Doesn't the new vehicles on the road today when you are driving and doing 80 miles per hour seems like you're only doing 50?  Unfortunately for most, don't you only find out that you were doing 80 after you see the CHP hit you with their radar pointed right at your vehicle?  Don't we then look down only to discover we are in trouble, but it's too late?  Did you know that the average speeding ticket for Santa Barbara County is over $500?

    Were you familiar with the fact that the average ticket cost of your insurance rising is over 15% for just being over 15 mph over the speed limit plus the cost of the ticket?  Of course, to keep your insurance rate from sky-rocketing, you could go to traffic school, couldn't you?

  Then if you get another ticket, the next fine would be higher, and your insurance rate would go up too!

                                      Wouldn't be able to go to traffic school again, would we?

  We at Mobileworks / Tintworks do not condone speeding, however with the way today's vehicles drive it could happen to anyone whether you like to put your metal to the pedal or it was just a simple mistake for not paying attention to the speed limit which could happen to anyone,  couldn't it?

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Safety around town too!

Many things, other than those intending to issue you a ticket, use radar and laser systems to detect your speed.  The speed limit signs around school zones that show you your current speed, for example, use lasers to detect your speed.  Now, I’m not sure about you, but I have had school zones sneak up on me in the past.  But now that I have a radar detector, my attention is called to the fact that I need to check my surroundings, causing me to recognize the school zone and slow down.


But, what about radar and laser systems that you don’t want to be notified about?

The systems that we use feature a GPS feature which allows you to press a button when the system is triggered by, say, the automatic door at the grocery store.  This saves that exact location as one to ignore.  From then on, any time you drive past that store and the detector receives that same signal, it will not alert you.  However, if it receives the automatic door signal, and a signal from a police car, it will alert you.  Pretty cool right!?

Every Radar system we do we test with a radar and laser gun 

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