Reverse Back-up Cameras & Sensors

Collision avoidance systems are becoming a more popular addition to vehicles today. Backup cameras and backup sensors save millions of dollars in vehicle and property damage each year. And they are surprisingly affordable.

Mobileworks/Tintworks offers a variety of options from simple dash mounted distance displays to backup cameras that integrate with your factory in-dash video display. The cost of these systems are easily recouped if they avoid even one fender bender.

Our backup camera systems can blend seamlessly into your vehicles exterior. “PlateCams” are very common mothods of hiding a backup camera. A Plate Camera is simply a license plate frame with a camera in the top center. The experts at Mobileworks/Tintworks will route the wire from the camera to its destination cleanly and out of sight.

In many cases, we can use the existing in-dash video screen as the display. Our technicians will hook it up so that the screen will display the feed from the Plate Camera whenever the vehicle is put in reverse.


If you do not need a camera system, backup sensors are a more affordable solution. A series of sensors are installed professionally into your rear and/or front bumpers. They send out a radar signal and display the results on a dash mounted indicator. As you get closer to the obstruction, the indicator will let you know both visually and audibly. Makes parallel parking a snap and is very effective in vehicles without rear windows (box trucks, cargo vans, etc).